Spring has sprung! Across the country, people are noticing the warmer temperatures and longer days. Many people like to take this time of year to get a fresh start on their health and wellness. This want for a healthier life can be difficult to achieve though if their workplace doesn’t encourage or give them the time to work towards these goals. Employers should encourage spring wellness for their employees not only because it can improve their employee’s health, but it can also lead to a more positive and productive work environment. Here are some spring wellness tips for improving your employee’s health.  

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Set Spring Wellness Challenges 

Setting a wellness challenge for your starts with learning what aspects of their health your employees are trying to improve. More than one challenge can be created over several months if your employees are looking for different ways to get healthy. You can set up a committee to organize and run these challenges. Here are a few types of wellness challenges your company can create for your employees: 

  • Daily water intake goals 
    • Many people don’t drink enough water every day. Set a challenge for your employees to get their recommended daily water intake each day. 
  • Weekly exercises challenge 
    • For employees who are looking to exercise more, weekly exercise challenges can help encourage them to get active. 
  • Focus on mental health 
    • Winter months can be draining on many people’s mental health. Encouraging employees to take advantage of the warmer spring weather by spending time outside for much needed Vitamin D. Meditation and yoga can also benefit employees’ mental health and can be turned into challenges.  
  • Financial wellness 
    • Encouraging employees to create budgets and get a better idea of their financial well-being can help employees feel more secure in their lives and work.  
Spring wellness can include outdoor exercise.

Encourage employees to spend time outdoors exercising. Set up a group for those who don’t want to exercise alone.

Organize Social Activities 

These past two years have not been great for socializing with coworkers. Now that social distancing and COVID-19 safety protocols are starting to lessen, consider planning social events for your employees to get together. These social events could be a company-sponsored game night or a company luncheon. Socializing with others is key to employee wellness. Set up a committee of team members to organize social events. These events can also create a more positive work environment and stronger bonds between team members.  

Hold a Donation Drive 

Spring is when many people start cleaning out their homes and donating or selling things they no longer need. This is a great time for companies to hold a donation drive at their company. The donations can go to local organizations and shelters in need. If you don’t want to collect items, fundraisers work as well. Many people feel good when they make donations and are proud to be a part of an organization that cares about their community.  

Employee health is important for companies to function properly and there are many things that companies can do outside of just the tips listed here. Spring is a great time to start implementing employee wellness initiatives. At HR Collaboration Group, we are here to help you in all aspects of human resource management and employee engagement, including implementing spring wellness and employee health programs. To learn more about how HR Collaboration Group can help your company, contact us today.