Strategic HR Solutions

Business & HR Consulting On-Call

Get the support you need from Certified Business & HR Experts with the background and passion needed to drive your business goals. On-site or On-call, wherever and whenever you need us.

With HRC, you can have a dedicated resource at all levels (Strategic, Specialized, or Generalist levels) available when you need them, ensuring your Business, HR, & People practices are compliant and aligned to your important business goals!

HR & Project Outsourcing

Wherever and whenever, our team is ready to staff any human resources spot that your organization needs. From part-time support, temporary vacancies, leaves or just serving as an extra set of hands when needed.

Our degreed and certified team will fulfill your HR needs with as little or as much help as you need, as an Extension of Your Team!

Additionally, we also provide recruiting, onboarding, performance management systems, training, transitional services and more.

Compensation & Benefits

When it comes to recruiting and retaining top talent, your employee pay, benefit, and incentive package is very important! We can provide the competitive information and options available to fit any budget, enhancing your ability to retain, engage, and increase team effectiveness.

Our experienced team will set up a total compensation pay system to fit your revenue/payroll ratios that are targeted to business goals. We will partner with you to align your benefits and perks into a competitive yet cost-effective solution that retains staff while lowering or focusing costs on what matters.

HR Assessments & Compliance

No one wants to spend time on paperwork and bureaucracy.  Yet, to keep your business healthy and thriving, the small details of complying with critical federal, state, & industry compliance items are important.  Our Discovery Audits are done based on your industry to provide a full list of priorities based on Compliance and Best Business/HR Practices.

We also have Certified Safety and Lean Process Professionals able to conduct facility-wide audits and create/review processes and policies to ensure a safe and highly efficient work environment.

Training & Mentoring

By developing higher levels leadership and accountability within your teams, we can help align and drive increased effectiveness and efficiencies throughout your business. 

By coaching, training and mentoring, we build your team members’ competencies — upskilling them to meet the challenges of each new day. We offer engaging, interactive workshops that can be tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

So, whether you’re looking to upskill your workforce, provide mentoring for your HR, or help your Leaders with tough people situations – our HR Experts are here to provide the specific support you need to take your business to new levels.