In recent years, the role of recruiting has become increasingly challenging. There are many changes that have affected the efficiency of recruiters, a few of them being talent shortages, remote-work trends, and economic uncertainty.

Here are our tips for maximizing your recruiting efficiency in 2023.

Quick Tips:

  • Define the role focusing on the Top 5 Accountabilities and related skill level
  • Behaviors make up 80% of someone’s success in a role; you can train on skills
  • Fast and efficient hiring processes help retain candidates’ interest in the role by streamlining the process (3 touches for Manager roles, 2 touches for Hourly roles, then the offer)

Recruiting Strategies

  1. Develop an organized talent pool. If you’re recruiting for a position similar to one filled previously, reviewing the resume of a person who did well in the role prior and source for that type of talent.
  2. Build relationships with candidates. This increases engagement in job offers, and allows for better communication.
  3. Seek referrals. If a candidate declines a job offer, ask if they know anyone who’d be interested.
  4. Employee referral program. Employees can be your best champions in finding talent.
  5. Utilize AI. Artificial intelligence has recently become an effective tool for finding qualified candidates through sourcing platforms.
  6. Search where others are not. Less common sources of talent are recent college graduates, older workers, candidates reentering the workforce, and second-chance hiring.
  7. Use behavioral strength-based interviewing. This strategy provides “application” insights on the person’s professional capabilities and work behaviors to ensure they fit the role and culture.

When it comes to filling a role within your organization, it can take time and strategy to find the right person.  At HR Collaboration Group, we have certified Recruiters who are experienced and knowledgeable in finding the top talent to fill any role (hourly to CEO’s), focused on your important goals with corresponding skills and behaviors. 


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