When recruiting, your efforts should be focused towards finding the Right People to put in the Right Seats. This means they need to fit your organizational culture, the position factors, and have the skills/behaviors needed to meet the position outcomes.  To accomplish this, you will need to look beyond the resume.  Here are some tips that have helped HRC Recruiters achieve a 96% “Right-fit” retention rate.

By using behavioral strength-based interviewing, you will ask questions that help you read between the lines. This style of interviewing provides insight on the person’s professional background and capability level, work behaviors to be successful, personality traits that fit your culture, and personal strengths that provide diversity to your team.  There should also be questions to understand how trainable the person will be to ensure an easy onboarding process.

Through specific “what makes you tick” questions and corresponding behavior assessments, you can understand so much more about a person and potential fit into your business. We focus on whether the job will utilize their natural strengths and passions so that they will:

      • Be energized
      • Be engaged
      • Be retained long-term
      • Truly make a positive impact at your organization

These answers will be key for determining if they are the “Right-fit” for your team, before wasting time and money.  

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