With the new COVID-19 and competitive landscape, businesses are realizing that their employee handbooks are not setting the Vision or parameters to truly drive their business. Some of the policies may also be “behind the times” and you’re finding they are not setting the expectation for the teams – or creating alignment on how you want to pay for performance. To set your company up for success – start with the employee handbook.

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  1. Go back to the drawing board and understand/confirm your Company’s Vision
    • Where is your business going and how should the positions align to this? What are the top core competencies that differentiate your company from your competitors and are you aligning your team to those? These are not easy concepts. But, once you have these nailed down you can establish successful Recruiting Processes, Job Descriptions with KPI’s, Performance Development Plans, and Compensation Systems that align and drive your positions to those important goals.
  2. Aligning your Perks to the Business Goals:
    • Every business has to pay a competitive base pay to get the right level of talent to meet the job outcomes. Yet, when you look at other benefits, variable pay, and perks – they should be analyzed closely and be set up in a way that retains and motivates your team to perform the actions needed to drive your business goals! Your handbook should lay this out in a way that makes a clear distinction between business success and team member success with a total reward system.
  3. PTO versus Vacation:
    • There are a lot of benefits for the business and team members to have all of the vacation, sick time, and personal days in one bucket. With PTO, the business doesn’t have to worry about de-incentivizing workers who always show up and never use a sick day. Plus, you don’t have to worry about not meeting personal preferences on birthdays or religious holidays that team members want to take off. As we all know, the more you can separate those leave days out, versus the entire facility being closed, the higher level of continuous output for your business. Plus, did you know that if salaried employees exhaust their PTO, they can take full days without pay versus businesses having to pay for those days? (how much will that save you?)

Aligning your Vision, expectation, and outcomes to that of your team members creates a “Winning” scenario for all sides!

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