When it comes to hiring the best staff for your organization, there are various recruiting strategies for your business to implement. Many organizations have found success by using a combination of techniques to attract and hire talent. In this blog, we will discuss the top recruiting strategies that most businesses will be using in 2023.


Where to Start

When looking to hire your new employees and build your dream-team, its best to define an ideal candidate that will be the basis of your search.  Determine your top priorities and goals for the year and what skills you need to accomplish those.  From there, as you narrow down your positions, consider the top 5 skills, key behaviors, education & experience for each.   No one will have everything you need.  So, focus on the top critical skills; you can train bright people the rest.

Before the search, this is a great time to do a compensation analysis to ensure the pay, bonus, and benefits being offered fit the market to get the talent level you expect in the door.  


Beginning Your Search

When it comes to filling a role within your organization, it can take time and strategy to find the right person. At HR Collaboration Group, we have certified Recruiters who are experienced and knowledgeable in finding the top talent to fill any role, focused on your important goals with aligned skills and behaviors.  Here are some of our proven strategies that work for us.

  • Technology: In today’s world, the new norm of hiring employees is usually a virtual process. Everything from the application process, screening, and interviewing are now being done online and by phone. It is important that your business stays up to date with the current trends to be able to attract high-quality talent as effectively as the rest of the industry.
  • Advertise: Advertising is the best way of getting your name out there and to communicate your job opening to potential applicants. You can do this by creating and placing a job posting on your company website, job boards, and social media platforms. Many of these sites offer paid ad services to expand your reach and effectiveness. Keep in mind that effectiveness of your job posting will also depend on its contents, make sure the description is attractive and informative to attract the best talent. List key benefits of working at your organization at the top. 
  • Referrals: Does your company have an employee referral program in place? If not, it should. This encourages your existing staff to refer people that they know to fill vacancies within the organization.
  • Events: Recruitment events are a great way to attract talent. Whether you’re hosting your own open house or attending a local job fair, you are putting your company out in front of people within the community.
  • Graduate Recruiting: If you work close to an educational institution, we recommend reaching out to see if you can attend their career fairs. Recent graduates are a great source for talent since they are looking for opportunities to grow their futures.
  • Internships and Apprenticeships: Similar to recruiting graduates, you can also recruit current students for internships.  Hiring interns and apprentices allows for them to gain valuable work experience while also opening the possibility for a full-time job post-graduation. This also allows you to promote your company’s brand and get “hands on” experience with the intern before you make an offer. 


When it comes to hiring top talent for your organization, setting a full recruiting strategy produces the best results.   At HR Collaboration Group, we use these methods and along with others to target and bring in the best talent for our clients.  When developing our recruitment strategy, we work with our clients to understand their business and develop a recruiting strategy and compensation philosophy that fits their organization. If you’re looking to implement a successful recruitment strategy for your company, schedule a free consultation today!


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