Having goals is essential for any business to succeed. Goals give a company and team something to work towards. Stretch Goals also encourage growth in skills and behavior among employees that create increased outcomes for the business. But how do you create development goals that align with your business? In this blog, we will go over how you can create development goals that motivate employee growth and drive the business.

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What are Development Goals? 

Development goals are performance outcome expectations for a position that creates enhanced skills and behaviors within an individual or team, while also impacting the business in a positive way. These goals will focus on metrics and activities that will increase sales, lower costs, add on new customers or products, etc.

Steps to Creating Your Company’s Development Goals

  1. Figure out what your Company’s Strategic Actions will be for the up-coming year to achieve your financial goals.  
  • Think about the key metrics and activities that will drive those important goals for your business over the next year.   
  • Cascade those metrics and associated activities to each department and team member.   
  1. Learn from your employees. 
  • Talk to your employees to understand their career goals to incorporate those within the other key development goals.   
  • Ensure the goals are a stretch from current state to enhance skill and behavior growth.
  1. Use SMART Goals for your Departments and Team Members.  
  • Smart goals stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Making sure your Company’s goals and Key Metrics for the team follow these requirements helps to ensure that the expectations are clear and that the Company can reach its goals if these activities are achieved.  
  1. Review the progress towards goals at least quarterly. 
  • After communicating and setting the stage, it is important to check in with your teams and employees often to make sure that goals are on track and to provide any information or assistance to remove roadblocks. 

Building your business can take a lot of work.  But, with the right development goals set,  you and your team members can grow together.   

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