Has your business faced a workforce gap or struggled to recruit and retain employees? Your business is not alone in this issue. Many experts are referring to this gap as the Great Resignation. Employees are leaving businesses in record numbers to pursue other opportunities. So how can your business recruit new talent and retain current employees during this highly competitive time? Here are 5 tips for recruiting and retaining employees. 

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Tips for Recruiting and Retaining Employees 

1. Simplify your hiring process 

Having an inefficient or drawn-out hiring process can make potential employees reconsider working for your company. The hiring process is the first look that a potential employee has of the company and if it is unorganized or inefficient, the person may think that the whole company is that way. 

2. Optimize your benefits 

People are looking for more than just competitive compensation in this job market. With this in mind, look at your benefits package and see where improvements can be made. Non-traditional benefits that you may want to consider include childcare, tuition reimbursement, mental health support, remote work options, office snacks, and pet-friendly offices. 

3. Emphasize employee referrals 

Sometimes your best candidates come from referrals from current employees. Encourage your employees to share the job description or online application with their professional network. Offer incentives for employees who refer qualified candidates. Referrals are a great way to find new talent and make current employees feel like they have a part in the hiring process.  

4. Recognize the hard work your employees do 

It is natural for people to want to feel appreciated and recognized for the work that they do. Currently, only 1 in 3 employees in the US feel that they receive recognition for their work. Employees who feel appreciated and recognized for their hard work are more likely to stay at a company long-term compared to those who do not. 

5. Promote from within 

If a business is consistently recruiting managers from outside the company, it can be disheartening for employees currently working for the company. Promoting from within the company lets employees know that they have a career path within the company and have a future where they can grow and earn more.  

Recruiting and retaining employees in the current job market can seem difficult, but by putting the right measures in place your company can help bridge the workforce gap. At HR Collaboration Group, we are here to help you in all aspects of human resource management and employee development – with as little as much help as you need, including assistance with recruiting and retaining talent. To learn more about how HR Collaboration Group can help your company, contact us today.